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My Vision

Before discovering Health and Fitness, back in my early twenties I always felt ill, constantly tired, and I suffered with acne; I really didn't like what I saw in the mirror. While others had a cold and recovered 3 days later, I was still sick after a week and felt completely drained. I also worked in a very stressful environment that caused me to binge eat and stress eat daily. One day I just got up and realised I needed a change...

I started training with a Personal Trainer and learned a lot from her. Not only did I fall in love with the gym, but my self confidence shot up and I started feeling great in my own body. I realised it’s not about punishing myself, but about feeling great and strong.

So - I decided to become a PT and follow my dreams to help people to feel amazing in their own bodies too! I spent 2 years studying Fitness and Nutrition, and I continue to study to become better and more knowledgeable every day.

I worked hard on myself so I could become a PT who understands how hard this journey can be for my clients, and being able to push them further because I have done it myself.

Meet Jana 



Certified Fitness Coach and all round positive person!

Hi everyone,


My name is Jana and I am so lucky that my job allows me to help others to achieve their Health & Fitness goals and dreams!


I came to England from Slovakia in 2013 with big dreams for myself, but over the years, those dreams have changed...


I used to be the girl who would eat a pack of Jaffa cakes for lunch instead of eating normal food, and I tried every crazy diet you can possibly think of! I avoided gyms as much as I could because I had no idea what to do there. Plus, I was never the active type so going to the gym just felt like a punishment. 

What can I help clients with?

  • Weight loss

  • Build muscle

  • Get stronger

  • Gain knowledge about Health and Fitness

  • Improve body shape 

  • Build healthy habits

  • Improve skin health

  • Get Healthy & Transform Your Life!

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